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Cut Foot Sioux Resort

It’s not every day that people wake up and say “Hey, let’s buy a resort!”

Cut Foot Sioux Family

It’s not every day that people wake up and say “Hey, let’s buy a resort!”  That sounds crazy, but that’s what we did!  After giving it some serious thought and deciding to go for it, the question became “HOW?”  There were a ton of unanswered questions that made it seem like an impossible dream.  In addition, we knew it would be a huge life changing event and before making a commitment, everything needed to make sense.

With the help of Kurt Werner at Woodland Bank and Shannon Benolken from IEDC, we were able to purchase Cut Foot Sioux Resort in February of 2017. It took several months of detailed business and financial planning. Shannon really challenged us with questions and kept us on our toes covering every detail needed. In the end, with their help and our diligent work, we had a clear picture of the business and it made our purchasing decision much easier.

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