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Sheet Metal Solutions

Located in Duluth, MN, Mark and Becky LaTour made life-changing decisions to follow their dreams.

Sheet Metal Solutions

Mark LaTour contacted the UMD CED to receive business consulting assistance a number of years ago. At that time he and a partner wanted to discuss starting a HVAC/sheet metal fabrication business. They were young, ambitious men ready to start their entrepreneurial journey.

Although Mark’s business partner decided not to pursue the venture, Mark's life partner Becky made a life-changing decision to leave her accounting and tax preparation business, and they launched Sheet Metal Solutions.

The CED helped the LaTour’s on their entrepreneurial journey through assistance developing financial projections, creating a business plan, and advising on different types and entities in the lending process. Business consultant Curt Walczak encouraged them to keep going and became a sounding board for Mark and Becky along the way. From finding a building and encountering financing challenges to navigating the world of business regulations, Mark and Becky overcame the ups and downs of starting a business.

Clients attest to the LaTour's perseverance and succes. “The SMS team’s passion truly shows in their work at Tavern on the Hill. Their ability to get things done quickly and professionally is second to none,” according to Cullen Flaherty, Vice President of Operations, Black Woods Group, Restaurants & Catering.

Mark and Becky are honest, hard-working, and tenacious in making their dream come true. They reflect the culture and work ethic that is inherent in the Duluth community, working hard to start and grow their business and still make time for each other and their two young boys. 

Becky recently expressed Sheet Metal Solutions' appreciation by saying, “We are so very proud of this! Our business consultant Curt Walczak and the UMD Center for Economic Development have been nothing short of a blessing to us. It’s been an interesting (almost) 3 years as we’ve learned how to navigate the world of business ownership and purchasing a building. Every day we continue to learn and grow as a team. Thank you to all of our friends, family and customers whom have been there to support us. Words cannot express our gratitude.”