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Leadership Certificate

Prepare To Be a Leader

Leadership Certificate Completions
(L-R) Winifred Koivisto, Nicholas Mathiowetz, and Elizabeth Kallevig, from NorthRidge Community Credit Union, received their Leadership Certificates on November 6, 2018. 

Transitioning from an individual contributor to a supervisor is not easy. Often, people with strong technical skills are promoted to a leadership role only to find that the skills that made them successful in their old position are vastly different from what is needed to successfully lead others.

Research has shown that major challenges new supervisors face, include:

  • Making the switch from doing work to getting work done through others
  • Expanding one’s ability to build and maintain relationships
  • Becoming accustomed to playing multiple roles
  • Feeling more pressure but having less direct control over results
  • Feeling alone

Effective leaders communicate and operationalize an organization’s vision; they motivate and bolster the morale of the people who deliver services to the customers. Leaders play a critical role in employee retention and engagement, customer satisfaction, and productivity.

The Leadership Certificate is ideal for new or experienced leaders and supervisors or individuals preparing for a leadership role. You will leave this certificate program with a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills needed to become a high-performing leader.

Courses are listed in recommended sequence; however, you may take them in any order or take the courses independently. There are no pre-requisites. You have two years from the date of your first class to complete the certificate. When you register for all of the courses in the certificate program at once you receive 20 percent off for a total of $1,596.

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Leadership Courses (30 contact hours)

Who should attend:  Team leaders, managers, lead workers, group leaders, supervisors, aspiring leaders

Customized training: These courses can be tailored to meet your needs and brought on site to your location. Visit customized training or email for more information.