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Program & Event Planning Services

Let CED Help Coordinate Your Next Event or Program

Because the CED works with various University-approved registration systems, we can help coordinate logistics for your event or program. Contact for more details.

Services Offered:

  • Program registration page setup.
  • Registration processing.
  • Registration fee collections (if applicable).
  • Registration updates to participants sent on an agreed upon time frame.
  • Attendee list generated.
  • Registration fees collected (if applicable) disbursed minus CED registration liaison fees.

Fee Structure:

  • Setup fee: $150.00.
  • Payment processing fee: 5% of all registration transactions.

Optional Services (fee may be adjusted as necessary):

  • Attendance certificate: $5.00 per certificate.

*All registration liaison requests must be approved by the UMD CED Director. Upon approval and agreement of terms, a contract will be drafted by the UMD CED for signatures.